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For your safety, do not disclose confidential or personal information such as bank account numbers or social security numbers.Anything you post may be disclosed, published, transmitted or reused.Lee recalled that when he started the business about 10 years ago, one customer disputed the charge three times in a row."But I knew where he lived because, you know, I delivered to him," Lee said.If a club is savvy -- or if it already got burned once -- the waiters will make copies of the patron's ID and credit card before the first drink is served, he said.Some establishments will take that information and "shoot it over to the credit card companies so they can say, 'Yeah, that's them,'" he said. If they don't, here's what could happen: The next morning, a customer who wakes up and sees the bill might panic and try to dispute the charge, he said.A chargeback at one of his restaurants is "very rare," he said; no more than eight or so a year.When it does happen, it's often for one of two reasons.

You could say that the watch was sold fraudulently because it came scratched. "You have a really good chance of winning that chargeback," Kleinman said.

The restaurant staff pays attention to customers who leave without signing a credit card slip, and if they later dispute the charge, "We flag them," Lee said.

"A manager will remember their faces." Typically, such customers know this and will not come back, he said.

Where Lee used to really have a problem with chargebacks was at his other business, a food delivery service called LAbite.

Customers order their meals over the Internet, and because their card isn't physically swiped, it's easier to successfully claim fraud.

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