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Among the ones we've encountered are guys who can't tolerate a woman who's even one year older than they are, and women who can't tolerate a man who's an inch shorter than they are. A good number of Christian men are literally terrified to approach a Christian lady, particularly if she is very attractive.

Some are afraid even if she has shown some interest.

The very first thing that you can immediately implement is prayer for the whole.

This is storming heaven with the request for the Lord to directly intervene to form the husband and wife teams that are in accordance with His perfect will. It most certainly is, because it is acting within the love of God that should dwell in the believer for others who are in need of God's help. Let us remember that Jesus' commandment to love one another was just that--a commandment, not a suggestion.

We are not just concerned about our own personal happiness. Keeping the commandments of God is obedience; and obedience brings the love (blessing) of God (St. We know it sounds harsh to use the word "stupid"; however, it perfectly describes the silly behavior we've observed in even those Christian singles who claim they are marriage minded. His Word says, "God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a SOUND (healthy) MIND" (2 Tim. A large part of the reason why the problem of Christian singleness continues to persist is due to silly and idiotic behavior on the part of some "marriage minded" Christian singles.

We are concerned about the personal happiness of other believers in Jesus as well as morally decent people who are seeking their future spouse. How many times have they thrown away a God given opportunity to foster a relationship leading to marriage?

If she is truly Christian, she's not going to be rude, so why is there so much fear?

The fearful neither attain what they want in life nor are they useful to God.

Of course, many three year olds know how to converse better than many of the over 40 Christian singles we've encountered.Why are you trying to start a relationship and you don't have basic conversational skills?A series of small-talk chats does not work to get to know someone.So, what are some of the manifestations of a less-than-sound mind?Below is a partial list that we've compiled down through the years: 1.

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