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5 Tips You MUST Know Women over 50 get more pleasure from cuddling and fondling than intercourse. What you are doing is creating a mini screen play for your date. I want a Cyber Date to treat me like a lady…a horny lady, but a lady just the same. Remember, if she is on a sex chat site like (free and fun) she is interested in sex and probably is feeling frisky.

If you can work from shaking hands to a great hug at the end of the first conversation, you will have her interested. You still need to convince her you want her pleasure to happen first.

Not that you personally would ever do a thing like that, you are a Menprovement Man after all.

There is something you never never want to do when you meet a sexy woman online.

Even though I don’t date (and yes I call it a date) guys in their 20s, even I would be very entertained by a chat like this.3) Send a story invitation.

Even though you may be turned on by her screen name alone, be patient!!

If she is like me, a rookie cougar, she probably has to know, like and trust you before she lets you in her virtual panties.

What I found is a world of 20 something “Cublets” cruising the chat room looking for fun. While I prefer older younger men, smile, many Cublets think they can change my mind. They send me their length, girth and hardness…in their first message to me.

I call them Vagina Vagabonds…those hopeful Cubs that wander from vagina to vagina to vagina looking for casual sex online.

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