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In fact, you should be careful that you aren't incurring a memory leak because it doesn't: Finding memory-leaks in WPF Applications.I'm trying to add nodes dynamically during run-time to an existing tree-view emulating windows explorer.Hence the solution with the readonly backing field.If doing like that you will not be able to assign a new Observable Collection and you won't break the binding by assigning a new object to the backing field.Sorry - my question is almost identical to this one but since it didn't receive a viable answer, I am hoping that someone else has some fresh ideas.I have a WPF Tree View that is bound to a hierarchy of a single type: Initially the Tree View binds as expected and correctly displays a multi-level hierarchy. 3 levels deep is an object whose state can change and, rather than write a View and View Model for each stage (very lengthy business) I wanted to just update this using code.

Observable Collection only provided notifications when we make any change in the collection itself like Adding or Removing an Item.This is a hack, but it re-evaluates the Data Template every time it's Items Source property changes.Ideally, you would implement INotify Property Changed on your model object class that this Tree View Item is bound to, and have it fire the Property Changed event when that value changes.Also, when the membership of one of the Children collections is programmatically modified, the changes are correctly reflected in the Tree View.However, changes to the membership of the root member level Observable Collection Further explanation, long time for answer to come, but I believe that if you do the binding in XAML, and then in code assign a new object to the property you break the binding, so you would have to redo the binding in code for it to work.

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