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We arrived and sat down at a seafood restaurant for a huge lunch.

I skimmed the menu, smiling at a few unappetizing English translations. We ordered the non-flaccid oyster, fried that is, as well as clams in lemongrass sauce, giant prawns, and a grouper hot pot. According to Vietnamese age reckoning, a newborn is one year old and gains a year at each passing New Year. Rapid aging was an unexpected side effect of living in Vietnam, especially since I had never felt younger. I was learning to do things in new ways, and to solve problems I didn’t ever think I would have. If you know anything about Vietnam, it is probably that the country has been the setting for wars and foreign occupations for almost 2,000 years.

My little bowl of was alive with tiny little gnats that had fallen from the light above and were now brazenly doing the backstroke in my fish sauce. I remember the crack of the turtle’s shell as they quartered it and gave me a piece, sinews and teeny claws clearly visible, even in the dim lighting. So, a distant cousin was summoned, still groggy with sleep, to drive me over to another relative’s house, one with a “Western” toilet (which actually turned out to be an outhouse, but with a familiar toilet throne.) Now that I look back, I’m sure they thought I was the most spoiled brat ever, one who turned his nose at their simple, unadorned way of life.

Early the next morning, not surprisingly, I had to make a rush for the bathroom. I’ve come a long way since then, trying my best to embrace everything about Vietnam.

Armed with a degree in IT, it didn’t take long for him to discover that he didn’t like working with hardware.

Back in graphics design school, Nhat created a whimsical book outlining the differences between Hanoi and Saigon for his final project and uploaded the 31 page book onto Behance. I think people who live in Saigon but go to Hanoi for business really get my work.

While it may appear impenetrable from the outside, every fish is reacting to the one right next to it, rarely colliding. To read my article on Nhat in Oi Vietnam magazine, click on the image below.My mom handed me a flashlight and pointed me in the direction of the toilet, a few wooden planks suspended over the fish pond. I recognize my upbringing has been a blessing, being familiar with the strange words used in the north that aren’t here in the south. So when I came across a graphical book about the differences between Hanoi and Saigon, I was intrigued and found the author, graphic designer Le Duy Nhat, 25, for a chat over coffee.Born in Thanh Hoa, 136 km south of Hanoi, Nhat moved to Ho Chi Minh City at the age of 18 to attend university.While I’ve never been to my father’s hometown (the entire family moved to the south after Vietnam gained independence from the French in 1954), I have visited my mother’s side of the family. I remember them laying out a feast for us, these relatives who I had never seen or heard of, including a cabbage salad with tiny little eggs that I found out were from inside the stomach of a chicken.Until then, the only chicken I had ever seen was the one nicely packaged in my local supermarket, its eggs fully formed and nestled inside crates.

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Hanoians have this weird habit of sucking air through their teeth in defense against the foul weather that plagues them throughout the year.

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