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My_Leaves_Are_Falling: Oooh dead twinies : D Leafs_Of_Holly: Hi Falling! Invincible has been kicked out of chat room for indescribable stupidity. Star_On_Fire: Hello Cinders_No_Ashes has joined the chat room Cinders_No_Ashes: Hiiiii Star_On_Fire: Oooh is it a joint account? Claws_In_Brambles has joined the chat room Leafs_Of_Holly has joined the chat room My_Leaves_Are_Falling has joined the chat room Epic_Admin_Of_Starclan has joined the chat room Epic_Admin_Of_Starclan: Hi, I'm dead, but hi, Firestar, Leafpool, Squirrelflight, Thornstripe, other users... No spam, advertisement, blockage and banned allowed.Welcome for all Malaysian chatters and women or girls are most welcome.I've pretty much kept my Like for nappies a Secret untill to this day. I like getting to know people online first and it makes everybody more comfortable in the end. Although ive had meny times ive needed them due to accidents ect.(had a lot). Were as just now i have to use Nappies , due to a accident on 2/03/2012 & pm Westend road ,when a car drove straight into me ,side on , got 3 brocken ribs / 2 cracked vertebrae / damaged detrusor muscle (bladder)/ metal plate 6 screws holding my sholder in place ,...... I've always worn nappies but it was a form of comfort (violent child hood) until 14-15 yrs ago.

Jackie Collins' Hollywood Wives: The New Generation, Nikita Mikhalkov. Graystripe_Took_My_Username: Hi Leafpool, its Squirrelflight : D Thorns_In_My_Strile: Hallo. MUAHAHAHA Cinders_No_Ashes has left the chat room for a dramatic exit. Claws_In_Bramble: Yes, I'm here : D Storm_In_The_Sand has joined the chat room Storm_In_The_Sand: FIRESTARRR Star_On_Fire: SANDYYYY Pelts_So_Dirty has joined the chat room *20 minutes later* I_Will_Stalk_You_And_Kill_You_Graystripe has joined the chat room. All have left the chat room in fear of being murdered by Cloudtail.This chatroom is about people that love to work from home, part-time or full-time. Star_On_Fire: Hi Lionblaze Invincible: How did you know it was me Star_On_Fire: ... Star_On_Fire: o.o Cookiez_Are_Mine has joined the chat room. Look at the title x D ~ Star_On_Fire had joined chat room Star_On_Fire: Hi : DDDDD Invincible Has joined chat room Invincible: Hi Firestar! Paws_Off_My_Stick has left the chat room due to his idiot brother. Thorns_In_My_Stripe: O.o Catmint_4ever has joined the chat room.

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