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Los Angeles was initially welcoming of them, as it is of anyone with money, but when it became clear that they were using one of the city’s biggest franchises—part of what put Los Angeles on the map as a world-class destination—to pay their personal expenses, among other shenanigans, the ire in the normally placid city exploded.

The Mc Court breakup and financial problems with the team are covered by newspapers here as sensationally as the decay of the Wilpon dynasty—the owners of the Mets, who are now selling a minority ownership to a hedge-fund manager—is in New York.

Some of his gambits were failures, like a million waterfront entertainment site in Baltimore that closed within a year, but others, like the conversion of Union Wharf on Boston Harbor into a mixed-use area with town houses, led to more opportunities.

The Mc Courts were a formidable business team, unafraid to use lawsuits to pursue their interests: they litigated against business associates, the state of Massachusetts, as well as the contractors for their million mansion in Brookline, one of the most expensive homes in the state.

“Frank’s probably here, but not in the open anymore,” said a television reporter, waving a hand to take in the expanse of the stadium. I bet he’s hiding somewhere.”You would almost pity the man if he weren’t such a scoundrel, or a schlemiel, depending on your perspective.

Always with a fine suit on, his thin lips moving constantly as they work their way into some new sort of trouble, he’s been owner of the team for seven years, since he blew into town with Jamie, his tense, skinny Chihuahua of a wife who favors a look that could be described as Real Housewives Business Casual—tight navy skirts, highlighted blond hair, and enormous handbags.

In 2001, when the Red Sox came up for sale, the couple competed with Charles Dolan, the founder of Cablevision, and others for the team; they were far less flush than the competition, but they thought their land, where a new Fenway Park could be built, might be enticing.

The owners, however, didn’t want to swap the team for a parking lot, so the Mc Courts were forced to look elsewhere, considering a purchase of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The Dodgers are considered one of six or seven marquee franchises in baseball, and it is important for the sport that they be in good hands.

In any case, by 2003 the Dodgers had passed from the O’Malleys to the Fox Entertainment Group subsidiary of News Corp., which had bought the team for 1 million five years earlier.

But though their team hit an initial winning streak, their marriage cratered.

in 2004 to live their dream—as owners of the illustrious Dodgers—then went on a massive spending spree: million on four homes, a million pool, and a ,000-a-month hairstylist.

“I could take the money and run but that’s not my goal,” he claimed, furious about Major League Baseball’s intrusion, which he initially called “un-American.” “I’ve been humbled. Then again, no one thought he would be able to make the .8 million payroll for the last two weeks of May, but he slipped in just under the deadline, extracting cash from Dodger sponsors by offering them discounts on their bills and luxury box seats, according to ESPN. Shortly after, Frank decided they should move back to Boston, where they had four boys (Drew, Travis, Casey, and Gavin, all of whom are now in their 20s) in quick succession while she worked as a real-estate and family-law attorney.

(Frank denies this.) And he made the mid-June payroll, too. It’s not a question of whether he’s going to have to give up the Dodgers—it’s a question of when.”The Bostonians This story started long ago, in a city far from Los Angeles. Throughout their marriage, they remained professional and personal partners, enjoying each other’s natural intelligence and craftiness in business.

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(Bailey jokingly encouraged readers to send in money to “help our parking lot attendant realize his dream of owning a major league team.”)Frank and Jamie wanted to be more than parking attendants, of course.

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