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From now on Muslims will have a refreshing, fun alternative, where the single people themselves take charge.î Speed dating was originally established in the US by Jews as a way of keeping marriage within their community.

"Thankfully, British Muslims have moved away from the traditional 'arranged marriage' format and become open to more liberal ideas of meeting partners based on mutual liking,î said Mr Gupta.

Once approved, applicants will be given details of the face-to-face speed dating event.

However, unlike conventional speed dating, the woman will be accompanied by a chaperon, also known as the ‘wali’.

Interested parties can register and view profiles of other candidates for free on the website.

Halal Speed Dating is considering to build an app but at the moment, the face-to-face matchmaking events are the only way to find a potential life partner.

"We are just helping people along a little.î Speed dating involves 20 to 30 mini-meetings, which last about three minutes each.

The reason that the wali is needed is to avoid having the speed dating interaction be a topic of gossip for the public (fitnah), protect the woman from potential harm that comes with meeting strangers, allowing the wali to investigate prospects in order to choose the best for the bride, and to avoid social ills such as premarital sex. Each speed dating session lasts 5 minutes before the women and their wali will have to move to a different table to meet a new prospect.I don't think I have fallen head over heels, but there were a few guys I wouldn't mind meeting again.î Reena Mithani, 25, a City stockbroker, said: "It is hard for me to find a boyfriend because I just don't seem to go to the right places."I thought most of the people who take part in events like this were sad or nerdy, but I was wrong."We are still encouraging Muslims to meet other Muslims."The main problem is many don't drink, so don't do the traditional dating thing of going to pubs and clubs to meet someone new.î The 26-year-old Cambridge graduate decided to set up the company with friend Maha Khan after realising how popular speed dating had become since its introduction to this country three years ago.

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