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When the can operate in any of several modes, including symmetric active/passive, client/server broadcast/multicast and manycast, as described in the Association Management page.It normally operates continuously while monitoring for small changes in frequency and trimming the clock for the ultimate precision.As the result of this behavior, once the clock has been set, it very rarely strays more than 128 ms, even under extreme cases of network path congestion and jitter.Sometimes, in particular when is first started, the error might exceed 128 ms.In case there is no TOY chip or for some reason its time is more than 1000s from the server time, option overrides this check and the clock will be set to the server time regardless of the chip time.However, and to protect against broken hardware, such as when the CMOS battery fails or the clock counter becomes defective, once the clock has been set, an error greater than 1000s will cause adjusts the clock in small steps so that the timescale is effectively continuous and without discontinuities.This makes it possible to deploy a fleet of workstations without specifying configuration details specific to the local environment.By default, runs in continuous mode where each of possibly several external servers is polled at intervals determined by an intricate state machine.

You can get a list of server addresses at ntp.org, find the preferred ones for your area, and then add them to the file.Most servers are probably automatically configured to network time, but if you want to set it up for yourself, or want to change the servers that you are syncing to, here’s the quick article that shows you how to do it.Since I had to do this earlier today, I decided it would make a lot of sense to write it down for the next time that I need to do it. First, you’ll need to install NTP if it isn’t already installed.As a result, the local clock can take a long time to converge to an acceptable offset, about 2,000 s for each second the clock is outside the acceptable range.During this interval the local clock will not be consistent with any other network clock and the system cannot be used for distributed applications that require correctly synchronized network time.

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