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Neither Koenigs nor Prohic returned calls or publicly commented last week.

But in this morning's letter, Koenigs said he and Prohic would give up their license, in order to save further embarrassment "that would surely be brought about by a public hearing." "We would like the public to understand that our venue was established and operated as a showcase for local and national talents of a wide variety and that we have hosted over 400 shows over nearly 4 years with a spotless record until this incident," Koenigs said.

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We believe in a responsibility of all people to engage in safe sex.When the officers entered the "couples only" event, they found women with their shirts unbuttoned and clothing removed, couples openly fondling each other and groups having oral sex, according to the city investigation report released last week.Excise Commissioner Robert Kraiberg said last week that, over two decades as city liquor chief, he had seen a few clubs busted for breaking the city's "lewd and indecent conduct" ordinance, but that this sting was "exceptional." Co-owners Koenigs and Alen Prohic had two basic choices, Kraigberg said: To surrender their license or face the evidence in a hearing.This is a generic term that fits most t-girls and is rarely offensive. - You must screen your t-girl friends just as you would screen any other potential friends or lovers.Do they possess undesirable traits such as drug addiction, alcohol abuse, criminal intent, HIV , etc? afety is a very important consideration that cannot be overlooked just because you have a raging hardon!

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Police and city liquor control officers posed as patrons on May 14 at the south city nightclub and lounge, at 8658 S.

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