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Now compare that to the full length contact provided by the ADM dovetail.I should point out that these two images are roughly the same scale.They are built every bit as well as the rail and dovetail, so now I have no reason to suspect flexure if I see things going squirly in my images.These new rings fit my refractor perfectly and are nicely lined so as not to add more scratched to my OTA.

It doesn’t make any difference with my mount, but some require proper alignment for Go To functionality to be accurate.That’s there to prevent the piggyback rail from riding on top of the dew shield of the lower scope.Not only would it scratch the shield, it would misalign the two scopes. That has worked very nicely, but it has been the source of constant abuse when I have this on the field with friends.As shown in Figure 7, there just isn’t any comparison. What good is a big, beefy plate if you only use a single connection point for the rings.Anthony didn’t have any, but the folks at Astro-Tech make sets that attach onto the rail with multiple screws.

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