Sirius updating channels

Sirius has not sold out their commercial slots, so they run a lot of public service announcements.

The noise and hiss are most noticeable on talk channels, while the boomy bass is prevalent on music channels.I have had both a Sirius and an XM Radio since they each went live here in Minnesota.While I did get my radios and first year of service for free due to being a Best Buy employee (at that time), I would have bought a satellite radio due to the long road trips that I take, and the lack of decent radio in many areas of the US.Sirius, on the other hand, blanks out any time you pass under any bridge, or drive next to a building.In driving in downtown Minneapolis, Sirius is blanked out up to 50% of the time.

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At this time, XM now has the edge in being commercial free on the music side.

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