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During her conversation with Steve Lobel, Trina reflected on her relationship with Eve, whom she worked with on the Philadelphia emcee’s 2001 offering, “Gangster Bitches” featuring Da Brat, as well as Ludacris’ 2010 “My Chick Bad Remix.”“Love Eve,” Trina said. In the state of music in which we are, there are not a lot of major deals like that anymore.

I think that’s really important for females because we’re really emotional. I think as a female you have to have that tough; that passion; that hard boy kind of attitude in order to make it in this game.” debuted at #14 on the Billboard Top 200 in 2002. She’s somebody that’s a friend in the industry, especially when it comes to females. There are so many people that are working to push the record.

Two other “Da Baddest” songs which helped solidify Trina’s rep as a raunchy rapper on par with Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown are “Pull Over (That A** Too Fat)” and “Look Back at Me The album also displayed a key characteristic of Trina’s songs, many of which are contentious, sexually tense back-and-forths with men. Being featured in a Trina song is almost a rite of passage for male rappers, including multiplatinum Rick Ross, who became a name with the smash 2006 single “Hustlin’ ”.

Her larger-than-life rapper persona (some song titles include: “No Panties” and “Killin You Hoes”) belies her tiny frame and thin-but-curvy figure.Perhaps worse for her career, the steps she has taken to compete in this climate—being the baddest and nastiest and maybe the most sexed-up lady dropping rhymes, rather than a nuanced lyricist—might have hamstrung her ascent as an artist.A recent NPR essay even quipped that Trina is “more than willing to oblige” the stereotype. Trina, an unsung heroine of American rap and its self-anointed "baddest b*tch," shops for the music video shoot for her new single "Money Ain't a Problem," a track in which she rhymes about giving her enemies bird flu and "shopping till my feet hurt." She's a local staple in this city and has shot peers such as Rick Ross to global fame, but elsewhere she remains relatively unknown.She flips through these items and, again dissatisfied, circulates through the rest of the store’s selection, eventually returning to the bras where she began her browsing.

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